SYSPRO Integrated eCommerce

SYSPRO Integrated eCommerce

As an authorized SYSPRO companion solution provider, Nomad eCommerce offers to SYSPRO ERP users a more efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) and eCommerce integration.

Nomad eCommerce, a SYSPRO integrated eCommerce solution, is an all-in-one website and eCommerce shopping cart platform built for SMB manufacturers and distributors that enables seamless sharing of data, including customer data, order data and item data, between SYSPRO ERP and the Nomad eCommerce shopping cart platform.

Where traditional eCommerce solutions require cumbersome manual re-entry and administration hours or costly third-party integrations to connect ERP and eCommerce data, Nomad harnesses modern technology including APIs and ERP maps for an affordable, efficient SYSPRO integrated eCommerce solution that allows SMBs to compete on an enterprise level.

Information shared seamlessly between SYSPRO ERP and the Nomad eCommerce platform includes:

  • Customer data such as: customer names, addresses, emails, usernames, credit limits, credit terms and pricing
  • Order data such as: order details and status for orders processed both through the web and non-web
  • Item data such as: product pricing, categories, quantities, weights, dimensions and inventory levels

This automatic sharing of data allows your eCommerce website to function as a customer service arm of your organization, providing the same valuable, up-to-date information that your customer service representatives would provide. More accurate, timely information at your customers’ fingertips means a better experience for your customer and less administration for you.

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Additional benefits of SYSPRO integrated eCommerce:

  • Complex pricing made easy: Your customers view only their custom pricing on your storefront; automatically providing each customer a personalized view of their own custom pricing. Nomad supports all ERP customer pricing including discounts and quantity breaks.
  • Hybrid cloud, SaaS platform: The hybrid cloud model allows for efficient integration with your company’s on-premise ERP and marketing data, as Nomad easily syncs this data with the cloud-based Nomad eCommerce platform.
  • Integrated CMS: Easily brand your website, add and update content, optimize for SEO, create your own custom discounts and coupon codes and more -- without the need for formal web design experience.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Nomad’s dashboard provides insight into your customers’ behaviors, peak purchase times, sales performance of items, effectiveness of promotions and more.

See how SYSPRO ERP user Steele Rubber benefits from SYSPRO integrated eCommerce.