Turn Your Dynamics 365 into an eCommerce Powerhouse with Nomad

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What is Nomad?

Nomad eCommerce - Leader in B2B Commerce - is a Content Management System, Catalog Managment and eCommerce shopping cart application built to integrate with virtually any enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, resulting in one set of complete and accurate information. Nomad means:

CONSISTENCY between your ERP data and the data that appears on your eCommerce website. Learn more

IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with better data presented to your customer. Learn more

LESS ADMINISTRATION time for you, with an easy to design and flexible eCommerce platform. Learn more

INTEGRATION with virtually ANY ERP system, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, Dynamics 365 F&O, NAV, SYSPRO and Macola. Learn more

Why Nomad?

Nomad as your web CMS solution will automate your customer service to your site, allowing your site to provide 24/7 customer service to your customers and salesperson(s). Give your customers up to date web access to your price lists, product catalog, inventory availability, shipping estimates and order statuses, all automated from your backoffice.

You'll Get:

  • A complex pre-calculated pricing algorithm table for all your pricing needs
  • Multiple prices can be shown on a per-customer basis
  • Easy-to-use online ordering experience
  • Seamless data sharing with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Customer portal featuring important order information
  • Analytics to drive sales visibility
  • Direct connection with your database of product and business information
  • Rich information displayed on your customer-facing eCommerce that helps set you up for SEO success

Success Stories

To learn more about our customers’ success with Nomad eCommerce, click on a logo to read their stories.